Business Financial Planning & Solutions

Aventus Investment Advisors Business Financial Planning & SolutionsOur Approach

For business owners, Aventus Investment Advisors provides business financial planning and unbiased advise on growth strategies, business sales, valuation, expansion, capital raising, acquisitions and divestitures to business. Business owners are able to work towards their strategic objectives through the differentiated, value-added advice we provide.


The Benefits

We deliver to our clients an integrated advisory approach to business financial planning that draws upon our unique combination of experience in providing both business advisory services and wealth management services. Our clients benefit from our advisory approach that encompasses strategic and tactical expertise, global perspective, critical industry examination and advise on structuring and financial solutions.


We can assist you with your business financial planning and help you grow your business by providing the following solutions:

  • Sellside Transactions/Business Sales

    We can sell your company while providing the needed advice on maximizing after tax value.
  • Buyside Transactions

    We assist in valuing and negotiating an acquisition that fits into the vision of your company.
  • Reviews of Strategic Alternatives

    Financial analysis and industry knowledge are tools needed to make the right decisions.
  • Expansion Analysis

    Growing your company needs to be done with careful analysis to ensure the growth in cash flow and profitability may occur.
  • Company Valuations

    Detailed review of company and industry dynamics, combined with financial statement review, can provide insight into what your company may be worth.
  • Industry Analysis

    Where does your company fit into the competitive landscape? How do you maximize your competitive advantage? How do you grow within the industry or expand into related industries? We can help you answer these questions.
  • Joint Venture Analysis & Structuring

    We can evaluate the potential venture and provide options for structuring to create long term value.
  • Business Exit Planning

    Exit planning is a customized process of setting business exit goals and implementing targeted strategies to achieve them.