Company Retirement Plan Solutions

Aventus Investment Advisors Company Retirement Plan SolutionsOur Approach

Aventus provides guidance on setting up or improving company retirement plan programs. We help alleviate administrative burden for plan sponsors by providing important guidance on investment selection and cost efficient service providers. We pride ourselves on providing excellent employee education to inform and inspire participation while providing local administrative support.  We also provide fiduciary services that allow companies who are sponsoring a 401(k) plan to reduce legal liability.


The Benefits

A company retirement plan can provide many benefits including helping with attracting and retaining employees, deferring taxes, and building wealth for both business owners and their employees. We share the commitment to the financial well-being of you and your employees, and provide the dedicated service to allow you and your employees to invest for retirement with confidence.


Is your current Business Retirement Account the best fit for your organization?

The right business retirement plan can create powerful opportunities. With significant tax advantages for both the employer and employees, setting up and contributing to a company retirement plan is a great way to save for your retirement while benefiting your employees. We can help you find the best option for your business.


We can assist you in the setting up and managing the following company retirement plan types:

  • Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA

    This easy-to-set-up plan allows discretionary contributions up to $55,000 and is a great design for the sole practitioner.
  • Savings Incentive Match Plan (SIMPLE) IRA

    Also an easy-to-establish plan designed for the small company. The plan allows employee contributions up to $12,500 ($15,500 if over 50) and employers must provide a match.
  • Traditional 401(k)

    A flexible plan offering the highest level of pre-tax contributions and a wide range of employer contribution limits. Requires a plan document and annual compliance testing and reporting. Standardized documentation makes these a feasible option for small businesses.
  • Individual 401(k)

    For small business owners with no employees. Allows contributions up to $55,000 ($61,000 if over 50) either through profit sharing and/or salary deferral. Larger plans require annual reporting.
  • Profit-Sharing Plan

    Flexible plans with contribution limits up to $55,000 through discretionary profit sharing. Requires a plan document and annual compliance testing and reporting.
  • Defined Benefit Plan

    For companies with predictable cash flows. Allows for a fixed contribution to the plan up to 25% of compensation or $55,000. Requires a plan document and annual compliance testing and reporting.
  • Cash Balance Plans

    A type of defined benefit plan that can provide for much higher levels of pre-tax contributions.
  • Non-Qualified Plans

    Non-qualified plans don't need to meet ERISA requirements and therefore provide a lot of flexibility for higher contribution limits. However, non-qualified plans have different tax treatment and also don't segregate funds from the company. The significant contribution levels make these plans popular with high income earners and the plans can also be combined with a traditional 401(k).