Business Retirement Plan

Aventus Advisors can help find the best option for your business retirement plan.

The right business retirement plan can create powerful opportunities. With significant tax advantages for both the employer and employees, setting up and contributing to a 401(k) is a great way to save for your retirement while benefiting your employees.

  • Design a business retirement plan to benefit key members of your business, as well as to help select investment options for you business retirement plan.
  • Design a flexible business retirement plan, including safe harbor protection to satisfy nondiscrimination testing.
  • Provide local administrative support and employee education and/or individual advise in Cornelius, Huntersville and other areas of Charlotte North Carolina.


The below table briefly outlines the features of each retirement plan option:

For sole proprietors or self-employed * * * *
For corporate employers, partnerships,or non-profits * * *
Contributions are generally tax deductible by the business * * * *
Contributions can be made by both the employer and the employee * * *
Employer contributions are discretionary * * *
Contributions are immediately vested * * *
After-tax or Roth contributions * *
May be able to exclude part-time employees * *
Loans are an available option * *
Plan expenses are generally tax deductible by the business  *  *
No IRS Form 5500 filing is required * *


Do you know the risks you face as a 401-k sponsor?
  • The U.S. Department of Labor has continued to change plan rules. If your plan was compliant five years ago, there’s a high likelihood that it isn’t today.
  • The risks of being audited are higher than ever due to 1,000 new hires at the Department of Labor assigned to enforcing ERISA regulations along with issuing fines. Last year’s average fine reported by the Department of Labor was $600,000, a $150,000 increase from the previous year.


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